Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement 720 Academy

Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement 720 Academy

在盖特威受人尊敬的刑事司法-执法720学院接受综合培训,成为一名警官. 这个720小时的课程为你的执法生涯奠定了坚实的基础, offering cutting-edge training in defense tactics, emergency vehicle operations, criminal investigations and more. 学院开学日期:2024年1月16日*(全日制)和2024年5月1日**(兼职).

  • Experience state-of-the-art training in the Kenall Protective Services Center through a VIRTRA V-300 Simulator, Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) track, Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives (MILO) training system, training mats, jail cells and firearms range. 
  • Gain the essential police skills that prepare you for your future career, including first aid/CPR, firearms, defense and arrest tactics, criminal and traffic law, community policing and more. 
  • Become a police officer. Upon Standards Board approval, successful completion of the Academy and employment, you will be ready to begin an exciting career in law enforcement. 
  • Become a hero in your community as a police officer. 这个具有挑战性但回报丰厚的职业提供了丰厚的报酬,因为你服务和保护你的社区. Check out some employment opportunities for police officers here.

* 2024年春季全日制学院(1月16日开始)提交申请和所有补充项目的最后一天, 2024) is November 17, 2023.
** 2024年兼职学院(6月1日开始)提交申请和所有补充项目的最后一天, 2024) is March 1, 2024.

Program Credits



Kenosha Campus

Financial Aid Eligible


Estimated Program Cost

Tuition & Fees: $5,141
Books & Supplies: $1,657

Start Dates

Spring, Summer, Fall

Salary Outlook